Therapy and Consultation

The wood at Thinking Space.

Sessions may take place in the adjacent private woodland, in the garden, or along local lanes and bridleways (‘Walk and Talk’), in the more conventional setting within Thinking Space itself, or online using an online video conferencing or EMDR Therapy platform.

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment session is an opportunity for us to discuss the difficulties you or your child are experiencing and to consider your goals and the kind of input you feel you would like or need. EMDR therapy can be explained to you, and a decision made together as to whether it might be helpful for you, without there being any obligation for therapy to be taken any further. This session also gives you a chance to consider whether you like my approach, and whether you feel I would be the right therapist for you or your child. It is charged at the same hourly rate as other sessions.

Confidentiality is respected whatever your age. This is discussed in more detail at the initial assessment appointment.

It is important for you to feel comfortable, whether coming to Thinking Space or working with me using an online video conferencing/EMDR therapy platform.

I would hope to be able to give you an idea of the number of sessions that may be required, and the costs involved. Some issues may take only a few sessions to resolve, whilst others may take much longer.

Session Duration and Frequency

Session length is tailored to the needs of each client. Most children work best with 50 – 60 minute appointments. However, young people and adults may prefer to work more intensively, with longer or more frequent sessions, when available.

See below for Thinking Space charges

Thinking Space provides a calm place for us to think together.
Sometimes being outside, in nature, makes it easier to think.

One-off Consultation

In complex situations, it may be difficult for you to decide whether EMDR therapy, or even psychotherapy more generally, either at Thinking Space or elsewhere, might be the most helpful approach right now. You might be wondering about the benefits of other therapies, such as Yoga, Speech and Language Therapy, or Occupational Therapy. Things can be especially confusing around the time of receiving a diagnosis such as autism or ADHD, or when trying to navigate the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) system. Sometimes thinking it through with someone new, from a holistic perspective, might be helpful. A 1-hour (or longer by prior agreement), one-off consultation, either in person or online is available, and charged at the same hourly rate as all other appointments.

Facilities and Access

Parking is easy as there is plenty of space, but it may take you a little while to find us on your first visit, as the house is in a very rural area, down a long track. Directions will be sent when you make your first appointment.

There is sloping, gravelled, gated access to Thinking Space from the car parking area.

There is a raised threshold at the entrance, though ramps can be put in place to enable wheelchair access, as necessary.

The waiting area is up a flight of stairs beside the entrance, but the main Thinking Space is downstairs, as is the toilet.

Charges and Payments

Appointments are charged at £70 per 50 minutes – 1 hour.

Cancellation beyond 48 hours prior to an appointment does not incur any charge.

Cancellation within 48 hours of an appointment may result in the full charge for the booked appointment being payable. The actual charge will depend on the length of the appointment booked. For example, a cancelled 2 hour appointment would incur a charge of £140.

A monthly invoice will be emailed to you by Thinking Space. Payment must be made by Bank Transfer within 14 days.

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